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Today, we fell down the rabbit-hole of the internet's list making capabilities, debated the relative merits of every single Doctor Who episode ever made, and wrote over 1000 (and counting!) very short pieces of science fiction.

In response to today's call for six-word science fiction stories, there were plenty of fantastic entries. Here's just a few of our favorites:


"Answer it yourself," Google sighed finally. - denverhed, foreshadowing our darkest day.

"Beep whistle beep beep" swore R2D2. - hendrichattila

iTime's on Help! shuffle. stuck My - seesome

My God, it's full of Starbucks. - Amasis, on the fastest growing coffee-chain in the galaxy.

"Aliens?" "Yep." "Ammo?" "Nope." "Well, shit." — Treborrv

"She mastered telekinesis first, then dodgeball." — nrrdgrrl, who has her priorities in order.

"Now," said my dog, "you sit." — earthwulf

While stars could die, he couldn't. — DL Thurston

Sale: Spaceship. Slightly singed. Best offer. — WileE0001, riffing on Hemingway's six-word tale of unworn baby shoes.

And, finally, a trilogy + prequel from Audiophile81: Book 1: Touchdown on Europa. Finally, we're home. Book 2: Wait a sec... this isn't Europa!?! Book 3: Wanted: interstellar navigator. Must have: ship. Prequel: The Moon seems closer... that's odd.

Have a favorite or a story of your own? Share it in the comments, now!

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