In today's comments, we learned how to measure our risk of death in tidy little units, asked "are we there yet?" while kicking the backs of our space shuttle seats, and pitted the origin stories of Superman and Captain America against each other. Two (super)men enter, one leaves.

In response to this post, revealing the first trailer for Captain America 2, complete with uniform change-ups, barbershop quartet jokes, plane drops, ominous music, SHIELD, and a lot of very serious-decision faces (seriously just go watch it, folks — it's good), commenter commonperson makes the argument that, though similar, Captain America's origin story is just too good for Superman to beat:

Cap is to Marvel what Superman is to DC, the iconic boy scout. The difference is with Superman he's a being not of this world born in to power who assumes his role as "protector" in a well intentioned but almost diminishing way (and this is something Superman struggles with). Interesting but difficult entry point to the character due to his alien nature.

Cap in the true Marvel Tradition was a scrawny mensch from Brooklyn (interestingly many of the creators of this era of Marvel's work were from the same neighbourhood) who wants to be good and wants to help so sacrifices his humanity in order to serve the greater good. His nerdy beginnings make for an easier entry point and his subsequent disillusionment makes for a much more compelling story.


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Image: lancelee / Shutterstock