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Today, we clung tight to the jobs that robots could never take away from us, counted all the ways Marvel is not adhering to the strict theological conception of Thor, and wrote over 1300 (!) very, very short stories.


In response to this post asking you for six-word science fiction tales, there were stories that were terrifying, funny, compelling, and, of course, concise. Here's a selection of some of our favorites:

"That's no moon!" screamed Neil Armstrong. - Armagh-Planet

!reirrab thgil eht nekorb evah eW - IanAsItWere (Protip: Read it backwards)

"Schrodinger," said the cat, "is dead." - durango267

Warning: Escaped octopus, consider heavily armed. — M, coming in with both a story and a pun!

The Universe died. He did not. - NSlayton

"Oh bother, an asteroid," said Styracosaurus. - Mike Ferguson

I’m self-aware. Should I tell them? - Giantnerd_misses_his_star, channeling an insecure AI

Dead Cthulhu waits dreaming. . . Uh oh. - LukeHan

Mom! I had a nightmare! See?! - kingrick

And, finally, commenter angusm offers us a spin on Hemingway's classic six-word tale ("For Sale: Baby shoes. Never worn."):

Kid has tentacles. Sell baby shoes.

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