Comment of the Day: Sad Clown Edition

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Today's comment of the day forged its way over hill, dale, and the Atlantic Ocean, all to bring us this report on the sorry state of Britain's carnivals.


Commenter finickity reveals all in response to today's post on state fair foods:

I have to say as a Brit it's rare to find interesting food at a fair, it's normally just a burger van and a sweet stall. I have to say though things are changing and now first job is to find out if there is a churros stall and AQUIRE. Mmmmmm, churros, with sugar and cinnamon.

I really wanted to try a corn dog when I was in NY, but didnt spot a seller. i also seriously regret not getting cannoli when I had the chance.

Good excuse to come back!

A burger van and a sweet stall. Sigh.

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That's it, a whole market untainted by the American festival foods!!! I can make a fortune as a deep friery and just market it as NEW and EXCITING! The British will flock to food that has flavor (let alone one flavor -grease) WOOT!