Comment of the Day: Procrastivity Edition

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In today's comments, we looked at techniques for scaling down a temper tantrum, debated over just how happy the ending of The Princess Bride is (happy or happiest?), and learned a brand-new word for our internet-sourced distraction.


Responding to a post on Thomas Edison's foray into the world of almost inventing a radio telescope, commenters ShirtBloke and Captain Max and Jinx offered us this:

Captain Max and Jinx

I almost invent things all the time, but then, you know, internet and stuff.


Me too. There has to be a name for this.

There is - I just invented it.


Procrastivity: A little bit procrastination, a little bit productivity. All internet.


Image: Pressmaster / Shutterstock.

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I've nothing to add but I feel like I should be here.