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Comment of the Day: Post-Apocalyptic Mysteries of The Simpsons

Illustration for article titled Comment of the Day: Post-Apocalyptic Mysteries of emThe Simpsons/em

In today's comments, we learned some handy tips and tricks to ward off a wide array of monsters, figured out the science behind how a dog wags his tail, and explored the mathematical and biological mysteries of The Simpsons.


In response to a post speculating on why The Simpsons, despite having only eight fingers apiece, appear to operate (just like us!) on a mathematical base 10, commenter earthwulf advanced a time-travelers theory about the town of Springfield:

The Simpsons actually exist in the far future. The planet was decimated, a global apocalypse wiped out nearly all humans. Thousands of years later, society has grown in parallel to our own - in part due to ancient texts that have been uncovered after the disaster. These ancient texts included base ten mathematics. The humans left over had to adapt to harsh conditions of the world, and evolution worked to change both skin tone to allow for a more efficient way of absorbing light in the new, harsher atmosphere and caused the lost of vestigial body parts, like the pinky, in an effort to conserve energy in growth and development. This evolutionary path also created beings who were much longer lived, not emerging from childhood for twenty or thirty years...


To that commenter T.L. Evans appended one small correction about the word decimate (meaning, literally, to reduce by 10%):

The planet was not decimated, it was octimated... obviously.

Image: Ole Olson

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wait... the simpsons are.. the? longest running tv show which means that the theme song represents a significant chunk of repetitive code in the wash of RF noise ocming off the planet, so it wouldn't be surprising if aliens blared that at us as they invade.