In today's comments, we shivered over the scariest episodes ever to cross our TV screens, marveled over the surprisingly well-lit post apocalyptic scenes of our nightmares, and learned the identity of the red-eyed beast the strikes fear into the hearts of armies: the emu.

In response to this post on an Australian wildfire inadvertently begun on an army range during a training exercise, commenter Guild_Navigator reveals the curious history of a previous failed exercise:

Back in 1932, there were so many emus running around that the farmers asked for help to the military. But here's the thing, emus...kinda don't give a fuck...and they're tough as nails.


You can see where this is going, folks. And, cue the gunfire!

Every time they fired on them the emus scattered in every direction. In the end, after a week of trying to massacre the emus, the Military had to withdraw. The Major in charge of operations wrote:

'If we had a military division with the bullet-carrying capacity of these birds, it would face any army in the world. They could face machine guns with the invulnerability of tanks.'


Image: Daniel Gangur / Shutterstock