Comment of the Day: Lessons in Death Star Management

Today, we scanned the skies for Earth 2, learned about a DIY science kit for cockroach mind control (or cybugs, as commenter Anarwen cleverly dubbed them), and uncovered the mysteries of the Death Star by looking exactly where you'd expect them to be: in the owner's manual.

In response to this post, which gave us an exclusive, inside gander at the Death Star's inner workings, commenter BlastedBiggs zeroed in the number of TIE Fighters listed as available in owner's manual (7,000!) and offered a sneak peek into the curious strategic mindset of Death Star Command:

"The Death Star carried more than 7,000 TIE Fighters".

Scene: Death Star Fighter Command (or whatever the hell it was called)

Radar Operator: "Sir, it appears we're being attacked by about 30 or 40 X Wings, supporting about a dozen Y Wings. Shall we scramble?"

Flight Control Boss: "Yes. Scramble, say, about 12. Yes. A dozen. 1/6 of a Squadron. That'll do it."

Radar Operator: "Sir, you don't mean 12 Squadrons? You mean 12....fighters?"

Flight Control Boss: "I see 12 fighters that aren't launched, Operator! Why aren't they launched, Operator?? I said launch them, and they aren't launched! Launch them!"

Radar Operator: "yessir. 12 fighters launched, 6,988 in reserve."

Image (Yes, of the second, not the first Death Star) : Serious Cat


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