In today's comments, we waxed nostalgic about times outside of our own, marveled at the destructive power of an unattended rusty nail, and looked at the genre-defying and defining powers of Carrie.

In response to this interview with Carrie director Kimberly Peirce on her movie remake, commenter falseprophet speculates on just what the book remake version might look like if it were released today:

I think the "horror" aspects of Carrie, while probably fresh and terrifying when King wrote it, have become such mainstream storytelling tropes, it's harder for modern audiences with modern sensibilities to see them as horror. Kind of like how 1970s "heavy metal" bands like Black Sabbath and KISS seemed shocking and brutal back then, but today there are mainstream hard rock acts that are heavier and darker. A book like Carrie coming out today would be sold as a science fiction thriller—or more likely a YA urban fantasy, with Carrie being the hero and going on to feature in two or more sequels.

Image: George Koroneos / Shutterstock