Comment of the Day: Hybrid Mutant Shark Edition

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In today's comments, we envied the polite small-talk abilities of the marmoset, looked up at the heavens with a mixture of awe and suspicion, and learned one more reason to fear the deep: hybrid sharks.


In response to this post, exposing a potential yeti as just a pretender to the throne ancient polar-brown bear hybrid, commenter myzptlk shares why we are safe on neither land nor sea:

It's a fascinating story; because the ice cap is melting, polar bears are moving into grizzly territory, and grizzlies are moving north into polar bear territory. Because of that, there are increasingly more sightings and occasional bodies found/shootings of hybrid bears.

The same sort of thing is happening with black tip sharks. Again because of climate change, ocean temperatures are altering, and that's led to tropical Australian black tip sharks interbreeding with common black tip sharks from colder climates, creating the first ever-observed hybrid shark species.

So apparently natures top predators are already adapting to remain top predators in a altering environment. And they say we can't see the effects of climate change.


But, to any movie executives out there who just sat up in their seats a little straighter, too late, friend. Myzptlk has dibbs:

There's a SyFy movie in there somewhere — Grolar Shark.

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