Today's comment of the day emerged from deep inside a misty forest, riding upon a terrible steed, and decapitating all other comments that stood in its path.

In response to this post, on the very best that your television has to offer you this week, commenter Captain Max and Jinx has a series of suggestions for the writers of Sleepy Hollow:

Sleepy Hollow needs to add a few more elements to bring it to the next level. They are in no particular order:

A magic steam punky gun from the past for Ichabod to use

Animate the Horseman's head and have it give Ichabod and Abbie clues

A dog or a computer hacker, maybe even a computer hacking dog

John Cho needs to get progressively more injured and not die, I'm thinking shotgun blast hole in the stomach

Detective Handsome Guy goes over to the evil side in a misguided attempt to win Abbie back

Hear that television writers? Computer hacking dog, animated horseman's head, and magic gun.

Start typing!

Image: Shutterstock