Comment of the Day: Final Frontier Edition

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In today's comments, we marveled at the scientific basis behind the crosswalk, quietly fell apart over new revelations about deadly toxins, and sketched out a little roadmap for the next few seasons of an as yet unrealized new Star Trek series.

In this post, asking readers to share what they would like from a new Star Trek series, commenter David Gustafson breaks it down into 11 keys for the potential new series:

1) Set it two, maybe three centuries ahead any of the past Treks.

2) No guest appearances by former actors.

3) Set it out on the fringes of known space.

4) A small ship, suited for exploration and diplomacy, not battle.

5) A captain that is neither human nor Vulcan, perhaps of an entirely new species.

6) Delete Next Gen's obsession with the 19th and 20th centuries — this should be about the future.

7) The cast of seven or a dozen actors should be the small ship's entire crew.

8) Humans should be a minority in the crew.

9) No Earth-born characters in the crew — perhaps none of them have never even been to Earth.

10) If they're the finest ship in the fleet, show us so rather than telling us how extraordinary they are.

11) Forget about the two recent movies — keep it on the original timeline.

Anything to add to the list? If so, drop it in the comments below.

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Corpore Metal

It's my feeling that the world has changed too much now for Trek to be a relevant as it was. It's a bit like trying to revive Flash Gordon or Captain Video now. Too much canon, too much camp. We need to surprise audiences with something new.

Personally, I'd prefer a brand new space opera that has absolutely nothing to do with Trek or Star Wars. Make it about Vinge's Zones of Thought or Bank's Culture!