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In today's comments, we envisioned life on a cold and sunless planet far from our own, exposed the soft underbelly of our worst technological nightmares, and dug deep into some of the tangled mythology surrounding science fiction itself.

In response to this post, on the 10 biggest myths about science fiction, commenter nadirzenith throws in one more myth:

11. Science fiction has to be "about" science

All good fiction is about being human. Science fiction is about humans coping with various futuristic technologies, or simply being human in a story which demands such technologies. The science doesn't have to be at the center of the story - it can just as well be the setting, just like a historical epoch can be the setting and not the entire point of historical fiction. So of course Star Wars is fantasy, and of course it's science fiction. So is Firefly, The Hitch-Hiker's Guide and 1984 as well. Even though science and technology aren't the theme of these stories.


Tell us about how you define science fiction in the comments below.

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