Artist Nicole Antebi has created a series of odd and melancholy commemorative plates devoted to six extinct animal species. Called "The Last Menagerie," they're the perfect science art treasure for your apocalypse knick-knack shelf.


Writes Antebi on her Etsy store page:

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the last year of the last known Passenger Pigeon known as Martha. This marker inspired The Last Menagerie, a line of plates designed to commemorate, educate, and remind ourselves about that which is lost but not forgotten.The commemorative plate is such an odd and beautiful object. As it preserves and frames a fleeting moment or event‚Äďit also gives dimensional life to a wall.The Last Menagerie is a collection of six commemorative plates each featuring a different extinct animal:

The Dodo extinct since 1662

Pyrenean Ibex extinct since 2000

The Quagga extinct since 1883

The Passenger Pigeon extinct since 1914

Black African Rhino extinct since 2000

The Wooly Mammoth extinct since the Pleistocene epoch

In time I'd like to donate a portion of the funds raised to the Wildlife Conservation Network.


You can check these plates out on The Last Menagerie website. Free shipping in the U.S. until December 1!