Comixology Is Starting Its Own Line of Exclusive Comics

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Comixology is already a huge hub for digital comics, but now it’s entering the original content game. The company is debuting a new line of comics that will only be available through the service.


Due to kick off early next year, Comixology Originals will begin with three new series—which it should be noted are not being created by Comixology itself, but are from established publishers. It’s the first time the company has offered exclusive series that will be unavailable anywhere else.

 David Lafuente’s cover for Valiant High #1
David Lafuente’s cover for Valiant High #1

Valiant will offer Daniel Kibblesmith and Derek Charm’s Valiant High, an alternate-reality reimagining of Valiant’s heroes as high school students. Next, Boom! Studios will release the Adventure Time: Marshal Lee Spectacular, featuring three new stories spinning off from their Adventure Time comics— from Mariko Tamaki, Audrey Mok, Melanie Gillman, Trungles, S.M. Vidaurri and Asia Kendrick-Horton. Finally, The New Yorker cartoonist Shannon Wheeler, will pen a continuation of Harvey Kurtzman’s Marley’s Ghost graphic novel, based on A Christmas Carol, with Gideon Kendall and Josh O’Neill.

It’s an interesting move for Comixology to make—and although it seems for now that the program will be restricted to third-party publisher exclusives, it’ll be intriguing to see if we start seeing wholly new series created specifically for the service in the future. All three entries in the Originals programs are available for preorder on Comixology ahead of their release next year.

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The content war is just making it harder for consumers to access what they want. I already need to subscribe to several music and video streaming services to access what I used to with just 2 apps a few years ago. It’s hard not to see this as the start of an arms race for comic platforms. Really not looking forward to cluttering my home screen with 5 comics apps just to read all the titles I want.