Say what you want about Hollywood movies all being remakes and sequels. If a good idea comes across an executive’s desk, he or she is going to consider it, and that’s what happened with a script called Ascension.

Ascension is a disaster movie set on a version of Earth that’s slowly losing its gravity. 20th Century Fox bought the original script, by newcomer Shannon Triplet, and hope to have Matthew Vaughn and his Marv Pictures company produce. He may even direct. Little else was revealed about the film except this image.


And really, that image is worth a thousand words, am I right? Think of the near infinite possibilities of a movie set in a world where there’s no gravity. I’d hate to have to be the person who shoots it though.

Whether this happens or not, or whatever role Vaughn takes with it, sometimes it’s just nice to hear that there are still original scifi action movies being written out there.

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