Comic Reveals Lost Chapter Of Interstellar, Filling In Dr. Mann's Story

Illustration for article titled Comic Reveals Lost Chapter Of iInterstellar/i, Filling In Dr. Manns Story

So what exactly did happen during Interstellar's Lazarus mission? Director Christopher Nolan wrote a short comic revealing a crucial moment in Dr. Mann's story. Naturally, expect spoilers below and in the comic.


Wired teamed Nolan up with artist Sean Gordon Murphy to create the comic Absolute Zero as part of the Nolan-edited issue of Wired. The comic takes us to Mann's planet long before Cooper and company arrived, showing us Mann's relationship with poor doomed KIPP and his mounting frustration with the data he's receiving about the planet.

Head over to Wired to read the whole comic. Maybe next we could find out what happened with Edmunds?


Revealed: The Lost Chapter of Interstellar [Wired]

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Cubone Libre

Does this part of the story really need explication? The movie made it pretty clear what happened.