Illustration for article titled Comic-Cons iGame of Thrones/i Experience Isnt Nearly as Exciting (or Traumatizing) as Westeros Should Be

Game of Thrones may already be back for the seventh season, but that hasn’t stopped HBO from trying to get fans pumped for the winter to come. The hit show has its own immersive experience display at San Diego Comic-Con, and io9 was there to check it out.


The Game of Thrones Experience takes fans on a journey through the Seven Kingdoms, including Winterfell, Dragonstone, King’s Landing, and North of the Wall. Unfortunately, that mostly means standing, posing, and looking at all the stuff you’d pretty much expect to see there. There are thrones to sit in and a few mini-games to check out. However, the 360-video experience where you become a sworn brother of the Night’s Watch and defend yourself against a swarm of wights was actually pretty cool—mostly because you get to wield a sweet sword.


Come along with io9 and see for yourself:

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