Comic-Con 2014 was chock full of amazing costumes, cool art, mind-blowing TV pilots and fascinating encounters. Because even a weak Comic-Con is better than most other events. Here's our complete roundup of all the most incredible things we saw last weekend.


As usual, Comic-Con was full of amazing superheroes. Including a glimpse at Avengers: Age of Ultron, which showcased the total destruction of Marvel's greatest heroes. We also got a closer look at Ultron, and other startling props from the film. And Marvel is already making a Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon, not to mention greenlighting the sequel. Speaking of off-kilter Marvel films, we got a new glimpse at Big Hero 6.


But DC also brought the thunder — with a brief but stunning 30-second clip from Batman v. Superman, in which the two heroes confront each other. And the reveal of Wonder Woman's new costume. And the Trinity on stage together for the first time. Picture by Getty Images.

Oh, and some clips from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film were both cute and frustrating.


But this year, a lot of the best superhero action came from television. We saw the pilot for Fox's Gotham and admired the show's anti-hero, Detective Harvey Bullock. But we also saw pilots for Flash and Constantine, and learned what to expect from those shows, plus the return of Arrow.

We also found out all about Marvel's new Agent Carter show. Plus we learned about the new characters joining Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, and we talked to the show's reluctant villains, Brett Dalton and J. August Richards, and they told us what to expect in season two. We learned (And we learned about the science of SHIELD, too!)

And we saw just how strange Tim Burton's Superman movie could have been.


Dark Journeys

The weekend belonged to Mad Max, plain and simple. You've already seen the Fury Road trailer — but we saw a much, much longer version at Comic-Con, in which we saw a lot more of the vicious Immortan Joe and Max's ordeal. The darkest journey of all, though, might have been Christopher Nolan's Interstellar — and now you can see the new trailer for yourself.

The Warcraft movie showed us scenes of incredible Orc/Human conflict, and also revealed some props for the first time ever.


We were charmed and highly amused by an extended look at The Boxtrolls. Guillermo del Toro gave us an exclusive look at his horror movie Crimson Peak, and we're still incredibly creeped out.

But also, we found out that Godzilla's sequel will feature Rodan, King Ghidorah and Mothra! And they're making a King Kong movie, Skull Island, coming in 2016.


We also saw the first trailers for the apocalyptic Air, from The Walking Dead's creator and co-star, and Horns, based on the Joe Hill novel. We were excited to learn Hill's Locke and Key is becoming not just a movie, but a movie trilogy.

There were so many dystopias — Lois Lowry praised the movie version of her novel The Giver. We saw a new trailer for The Maze Runner (which had a screening that pleased die-hard fans of the novel.) And Quentin Tarantino pitched a really bizarre spin on Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

We are totally rooting for Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams to star in the Last of Us movie.


We saw some bedazzling footage from the space opera Jupiter Ascending, and watched the first footage from The Hunger Games: Mockingjaysee it here. And we saw just how dark things will get in the final Hobbit movie — see for yourself. Jack Black revealed some Goosebumps footage, and showed how he would bring R.L. Stine to life in the movie. We also got a glimpse of Neill Blomkamp's robot comedy Chappie.

They're remaking War Games! Really.

And speaking of strange journeys — NASA used Comic-Con to argue for sending people to Mars. Who's up for it?


Television Shows

Tons of television shows brought their "A" game to Comic-Con — but there was one clear favorite: Starz' Outlander, which showed an absolutely brilliant pilot and revealed lots of great secrets.


We were also fascinated by Syfy's Ascension, about a planned community from the 1960s traveling through space. Not to mention BBC America's ultra-weird Intruders. So fricken weird.

Speaking of weird and awesome — Sam Raimi is making an Evil Dead TV series with Bruce Campbell!

We interviewed the stars and creators of Orphan Black, and they told us whether the show has reached Peak Clone. We thrilled to the hilarious Game of Thrones panel — and two actors explained to us why their characters' journeys are diverging from the books.


The Walking Dead showed us a new trailer and told us how these characters' journeys will converge with the comics again — plus someone asked the funniest question.

Supernatural revealed what Dean Winchester is like as a demon. Person of Interest showed us how the team is going undercover. And Sleepy Hollow showed us a brand new clip in which Ichabod hates the banking industry.


We caught our first thrilling glimpse of Star Wars: Rebels, the new animated series. And the creators of Avatar: The Legend of Korra explained why the show is leaving television for a bold new frontier.

And we admired the shiny new Batman '66 Blu-rays, and learned that the whole Firefly cast is back for an online game.


Image by PsikickConphoto.

Costumes And Art

We showcased the best costumes of five days of Comic-Con: Here's day one, day two, day three, day four and the final round-up. Not to mention Baby Rufio. But nothing was better than this anti-Lannister/Baratheon propaganda.


And we saw tons of amazing art — like these cool installations and wild projects from the Comic-Con floor. And these strange reimaginings of Batman's cape and cowl. And this awesome Mondo Ghost in the Shell poster.

We also lusted after 20 amazing collectible toys that would have made our lives complete, if only we'd snagged any of them. Plus these awesome Twilight Zone toys.

And then there's the art of promotion, which gets pretty darn artistic sometimes. Check out the best and worst of Comic-Con advertising.


And Comics!

SAGA! We celebrated Saga's Eisner win, along with all the other amazing winners. And we learned what's next for Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples' fantastic comic.


We learned how the Agents of SHIELD are joining the Marvel Comics Universe, and found out what to expect from Marvel's brand new Star Wars comics. Not to mention the Star Trek/Planet of the Apes crossover!

And finally, here's why Comic-Con was actually great for comics creators and fans, from Image Comics' David Brothers.