Comic-Con Invaded By Fashionistas

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No sooner have we told you how to dress at Comic-Con (and how we're hoping others will dress at Comic-Con) than we hear that Marvel Comics are also planning on making fashion part of their plans for this week's massive pop culture get-together with an hour long fashion show inspired by their characters on Friday afternoon.


Marvel's press release reads:

This year, the sidewalk won't be the hottest place in San Diego— it will be in the Marvel Booth! On Friday, July 25, at 2:00, Marvel Entertainment and Disguise are proud to present their first ever fashion show. This is no cosplay; these are seriously fierce costumes worn by incredible models, strutting their stuff down the catwalk, for the debut of the sexiest line of costumes ever created and inspired by Marvel super heroes. Dressing up as a super heroine in the past would have meant spandex and tights. No more! Disguise has tossed this old and unflattering cartoonish concept and instead made fashionable, wearable and fun costumes that not only fit great but look fabulous. These costumes are inspired by some of the hottest and most iconic heroes to grace the pages of Marvel, and this will be your first chance to see them live as they make their Comic-Con debut!

Going from the promotional video, what fashion-forward fans can expect to see is a poorly-lit catwalk with painted models wearing clothes with superhero logos on them, but somehow I'm sure that that's not going to be the case on the day.

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Chris Braak

@Illuminatus: I guess if it's business that just makes it couture. Only it's comic book superheroes, so it's low couture.

@JennaW, Internet Tough Girl: In other, completely predictable news, Marvel comics continues to misunderstand every basic aspect of their own business.