Comic Con Gets a Villainous Makeover in The Minions Trailer

While the first Minions trailer delved into the centuries-long hunt by the adorable yellow creatures for a purpose, this new one gives a better look at the story of the Despicable Me prequel. It involves the Minions visiting the Villain-Con and going home with world-famous evil person Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock).

Although the film takes place at the 1968 Villain-Con, the film's nailed the grandeur and scope of a trip to a modern con. Enough that the shots of the convention center in Orlando and the con floor instantly gave me flashbacks to the ones I went to last year.


We also get a look at the Minions' first stab at working for a supervillain, as they end up with Scarlet Overkill — whose entrance at Villain-Con rivals Tony Stark's entrance in Iron Man 2. It also seems like this tale is going to flip and reverse the family story at the heart of Despicable Me. Given the bedtime story Scarlet Overkill tells, it doesn't seem like she's hiding a squishy center. She's sweet on the outside and terrifying inside. And her three little pigs rendition is weirdly scored with Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf.

[via /Film]

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