Comic-Con 2020: io9 Shows Off Their Con Floors

Toys and CollectiblesAction figures, statues, exclusives, and other merchandise. Beware: if you look here, you’re probably going to spend some money afterwards.

San Diego Comic-Con has begun, but it’s looking a little different this year. Thanks to the novel coronavirus pandemic, all the panels, cosplay competitions, and merchandise areas have moved online. Normally, this would be the time we’d take you onto the show floor during preview night but instead, we’re giving you an exclusive look at our own nerdy collectibles, artwork, and toys in io9's at-home show floor tour!

io9's Germain Lussier hosts this journey through the homes of some of our staffers—starting with a look at his overwhelmingly impressive collection of nerdy art, action figures, and Legos. There’s even an entire section dedicated to the stuff you can find at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland. Meanwhile, Beth Elderkin shows off her budding board game collection, Jill Pantozzi brings out her gorgeous enamel pin collection, and James Whitbrook makes Germain jealous with all of his Baby Yodas.


You can see all of this and more in our tour video above—be sure to leave a comment (and picture!) with some of your favorite nerdy things you’ve got on your own show floor. And keep an eye on io9's Twitter and Instagram for the latest coverage, plus more videos this week—including an at-home cosplay compilation that’s simply divine. We hope you enjoy all of io9's pajama-wielding coverage this week of SDCC.


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You think YOU have a problem with Baby Yoda’s! HA!