Comic Con 2010 predictions: The convention's must-see movies, TV and more

Gearing up for July's San Diego Comic Con? While we're still probably a while away from the official schedule release, we've cranked up our futurescope. Here are our predictions for what thrilling new movies and TV shows will be there.



We expect to see a lot of Thor footage this SDCC go round. Frankly, Thor is a hard sell all on his own and there were reports of negative rumblings coming from the mouth of Odin himself, Anthony Hopkins, about this production. (Although they've since been disputed.) Nothing like a screaming mob of Hall H audience members to shut the critics up for a month or two. Also if Chris Hemsworth really wants to impress us, he'll show up with Mjöllnir.

Captain America: The First Avenger

While we're not 100% sure this will happen, we can't imagine that Marvel would pass up the photo up of putting the real life Iron Man, Thor and Captain America together on stage. Now there's an idea: a panel of the already revealed Avengers, ha! We're not holding our breath. What we can see is Chris Evans doing a drop by at the Thor panel just to get everyone really excited — or upset, depending on your Evans stance. We're for it. Heck, maybe Joss will stop by.

Ant Man, Dr. Strange, Wasp etc.

Nathan Fillion will be showing up at SDCC under the guise of promoting Castle, a lovely show. But while he's there maybe he'll be announcing his role as Ant Man. There may be another announcement of the smaller Marvel characters getting their own low-budget films, but even if there was, no one would be able to hear it over the thunderous screams from Fillion loyalists.


X-Men First Class and Wolverine 2

James McAvoy will show up completely bald and announce his roster of baby X-Men, including the ones we already know about. Hugh Jackman will make a surprise cameo, and apologize for X-men Origins: Wolverine . He'll then ask the crowd, "Want to see some footage from Real Steel?" and they will mull it over and eventually yell back, "all right then."


The Flash

Not to be outdone by Marvel's recent hot streak, DC will be there and announcing that Neil Patrick Harris will be taking on the role of The Flash. Hey, it could happen. But in all seriousness we fully expect them to announce who will be wearing the Scarlet Speedster's mask.


Green Lantern


Get excited, because Green Lantern should probably have footage. They've been filming for months, there's got to be at least five minutes that they can show the fans. Hopefully DC can finally debut Ryan Reynolds in the suit, as all we've seen is the ugly grey mo-cap unitard. Also this means Ryan Reynolds might be able to actually talk about Green Lantern, as opposed to run away when innocent geek journalists try and recite the oath with him. In fact, let's all make a pledge: We will all try and recite the oath with Reynolds no matter where he is from now on.

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Green Hornet

We see Seth Rogen and the Black Beauty just driving around honking and waving at people. Sup! Hornet!


Tron Legacy

Footage, cast, me lying in a heap on the floor. Last year Disney set up a Flynn's Arcade, and it was insanely popular. We're betting that they go even further this year with their on-the-street promotions. Lightcycle rides to and from the convention center? Why not?


John Carter of Mars

Don't hold your breath. Even though Andrew Stanton has been filming in the West for months now, I can't imagine they'd want to blow their load this early and this close to Avatar's release. It's too easy for people to make correlations. Maybe some concept art. Anything at all would be pretty great.


Transformers 3

No one will show up and it will die where it stands. Come on guys, together we can make this happen!


Scott Pilgrim vs. the World


This will be the movie that unites all of Comic Con, much like District 9 did last year. And no doubt this movie will be marketed full-force at the con. I would expect limited edition band t-shirts, impromptu sets from bands on the soundtrack, random video game reference items taped to the walls, the whole cast, and parties. Lots and lots of parties. In a perfect world, Scott Pilgrim will get the reception that is usually reserved for Twilight, but with a much more diverse crowd.

Breaking Dawn

Screaming, and two clips where the boys take their shirts off. Lots of questions about vampire caesarean births.


Cowboys & Aliens


Might be a bit too early for clips but you never know — a few stills have already been released. We predict Jon Favreau will be in attendance, but probably not Harrison Ford. Would bringing Daniel Craig to Comic Con be a good thing? Either way, things will go boom, and Favreau will get to work the crowd one more time.

Battle: Los Angeles

Quickie footage slipped into another panel's programming — maybe.

Guillermo del Toro's Big Announcement: It's a Monster Movie

GDT will have his own panel where every single person will walk up to the mic and go WHYYYYYYYYYY WHYYYY Hobbit WHYYYYYYY. But once he announces that he's making Frankenstein with Hugh Jackman and Doug Jones, we'll all soon forget our sadness.


Resident Evil: Afterlife

An ARMY of ALICES storms the convention center. This sort of movie fills a room with die hard fans alone



Smurfs first footage shown, goes like this:

Movies We Don't Expect To See

Ghostbusters III, Star Trek 2, Fright Night, Battleship, Batman 3, Dune or The Avengers.



Walking Dead


Get here early. This is THE next big thing. Comic fans, Darabont fans and zombie enthusiasts will be lining the walls waiting to get in. Since they are shooting right now, hopefully they will have some sort of footage to show.

The Syfy A-Team: Caprica, SGU, Haven, Warehouse 13 and Eureka

If Comic Con was a High School these guys would be the student council, prom committee, and the friend who throws the best "my parents are out of town" end of the year bash. They're not SDCC royalty, like Sigourney Weaver or Robert Downey Junior, but they are SDCC aristocracy and established members of the court. They will all have panels and we'll be at every single one of them.


True Blood

New clips from the rest of the third season, followed by screaming and panty throwing.


Terra Nova

Steven Spielberg's Dino drama will definitely be there. Let's hope they show some footage.


Fallen Skies

Hopefully TNT will show off a few clips of their Alien Drama starring that one doctor from ER Noah Wyle.



Futurama will be in attendance and showing clips from a very special Comic Con themed episode!


Additional TV shows that could be there


The Event, The Cape, Undercovers, No Ordinary Family, Nikita, Fringe, Chuck, and Vampire Diaries UPDATE: I'm a Fool! Doctor Who and Being Human should be on this list.

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