Comic Books Get Awkward/Naughty In High-End Lingerie Line

Illustration for article titled Comic Books Get Awkward/Naughty In High-End Lingerie Line

The kitten with a whip lingerie line Agent Provocateur is coming out with a comics-inspired unmentionables line. See their Doctor Who-esque underwear trailer and army of thonged supers. It's interesting - especially Hornette's confusing nunchuck lightsabers. NSFW.


Agent Provocateurs' autumn line is called New World Order. While this brand is known to be a little racy and out there, some of these new creations are cray-cray. But hey props to letting girls be as crazy as they want to be, like Tarantula - she scares the crap out of me, as do the stripey jailbird musicians.



So who is this for? Do the girls go for these? I mean, I'm sure traditional males and non-traditional females find these appealing, but is it meant to be purchased for the partners, or does this lend a feeling of empowerment to the ones wearing it? Would any of the women here buy these for themselves?