Comic book TV ads from 1994 were astounding and/or atrocious

To advertise their big relaunch, DC Comics will run television commercials. This isn't the first time a comic publisher's hawked its wares on the air. In the 1990s, DC and Marvel produced fantastically garish customizable spots for local comic stores.


Just check out those ads above. Are they radvertising? Badvertising? I honestly cannot say. I can imagine that many people were probably confused by the X-Men's Casio polka soundtrack and as to why a Gene Simmons puppet was besmirching their fathers' understated appreciation of Judge Parker.

Also, "Isn't it time to see what the shouting's all about?" is pure catchphrase gold. It applies to crisis scenarios and mutant soap operas with hologram covers.

[Via Comics Alliance]


I found my small collection of comics at my parents house recently. They were all from the 90's and I thought I had some decent stuff with the Reign of the Supermen series and the entire Batman Knightfall collection. Come to find out that the early and mid nineties are considered the worst years by collectors in terms of valuable comics.