The whiz-kids at the Comic Twart collective pick a different character from the pop pantheon each week for the members to illustrate. This week is the Venture Bros.' forefather, Jonny Quest.

The animated adventures of boy genius Jonny Quest; his scientist pops, Dr. Benton Quest; their "bodyguard," Race Bannon; and Jonny's adopted brother, Hadji sit in a nostalgic sweet spot — despite some stellar design and an awesome theme song, the '60s series is better in memory than in reality (and the less said about the the mid-'90s update the better).

Which is why seeing some of Comic Twart's talented illustrators — Mike Hawthorne, Chris Samnee, Andy Kuhn, and Evan Shanier — give ol' Jonny, and the villainous Dr. Zin, some love makes us feel warm inside.


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