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Come With Me If You Want To Decorate

Illustration for article titled Come With Me If You Want To Decorate

You know what it's like - You've been decorating the place, painted all the walls, bought all your furniture from Ikea, the whole thing... but something is still missing. Every room needs a conversation piece, after all, something to draw the eye's attention and get people talking in stunned, awed, amazement. But in this media-saturated modern world, what kind of thing would fit the bill? For a starting bid of only $799, all your interior design woes are over. May I introduce to you: A battery-powered light-up prop torso from Terminator 3.


The seller's description says it all:

This Torso is very unqiue with a Grey Male Torso shell that contains two chromed Robot arms that each contain several LEDs at the end, along with a red lighted chest plate and chromed metal neck. There are two long 12" strands of LED spinal cord which hang from the bottom. But the real fun lays inside the chest when the front is removed with a great android inside featuring over two dozen light up LEDs, Fiber lights, along with a Strobe in the center that you can hear charge up to flash.


As if that wasn't enough to sell you, look - the torso (or one very like it) was once in the same room as Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Illustration for article titled Come With Me If You Want To Decorate

Before you hit that "Place Bid" button, however, beware - if you're spending $800 on that, how will you be able to afford this child Stormtrooper outfit? Remember - The family that slays Rebel scum together, stays together.

Terminator 3 T3 Robot Light Up Torso Movie SciFi Prop []


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Personally, not impressed.

But the Stormtrooper kid was fantastic. Screw the outfit, I want to buy him.