Come See the io9 Panel at Comic-Con Tomorrow at 10:30

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Tomorrow morning, as the day breaks over Comic-Con, join io9 staff and pals at our "Science Fiction That Will Change Your Life" panel. We'll discuss scifi that can blow your mind without using giant explosions (though we like explosions).


Representing io9 will be Annalee, Charlie Jane, Meredith, and Graeme. Joining us will be mega-stars Douglas Wolk, winner of the 2008 Eisner for his book Reading Comics, and Bonnie Burton, editor of, and author of several books including the recent Girls Against Girls.


We'll tell you our picks for the most mind-blowing science fiction this year, and follow up with a lively discussion.

Also, we will be giving away as many io9 stickers as humanly possible.

The panel is Thursday, July 23, from 10:30-11:30 in Room 8.


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Sorry I can't make it there for this.

But for anyone there on Friday and part of Saturday I'll be wandering around yelling "It's a DISASTER!!!" and clamoring for attention. Pretty much the same thing I do here, only there I'll have a camera.

And if any of you find me and yell that same phrase into my camera I'll give you a hug, as I have no stickers to give.