Come Reminisce About the End of Adventure Time With Us

War is coming to Ooo once more, and Finn and Jake are going on one last adventure.
Image: Cartoon Network

Come on, grab your friends—because round about right now, Cartoon Network is airing the very last episode of Adventure Time. And the fun had to end at some point.

Yes, after 8 years of wild adventures in the Land of Ooo, Jake and Finn’s journey is coming to a close tonight, the end of an animation era that has helped define so much of Cartoon Network’s output in the last decade. Adventure Time changed the game in so many ways, and its legacy will last well beyond its finale today. It’s been mathematical, but all good things must come to an end. 


So gather round, and share stories of your fandom, your favorite moments, the highs and lows—or discuss the finale with us as it airs (as a courtesy to people avoiding details though, please preface your comments about tonight’s episode with spoiler warnings!) in the comments below.

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