If you like Ryan North because of the hilarious mega-lizards in Dinosaur Comics, type “Qwantz.”

If you like the Canadian comics cut-up because of the super-humor in The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, type “chitty-chit-chit.” If you want to know about all the endings in Romeo And/Or Juliet, his newest Shakespeare-remixing choosable-path adventure out this month, type “wherefor art thou?” Yeah, sorry; those don’t actually do anything. But I promise that he’ll answer as many questions as he can for the next hour. (I’m in big trouble if he doesn’t.)


Coming after three years after Hamlet deconstruction To Be or Not To Be: That Is The Adventure, Romeo And/Or Juliet is North’s second turn at transforming a Shakespearean play into a multi-path reading experience. The book reimagines Juliet as a buff, overprotected rich girl and Romeo as a 15-year-old who loves love loves being in love and loves being in love with love. (He’s also got a +1 perk to composition and elocution but a -1 weakness against moderation and foresight. Juliet: +2 to muscles, -2 weakness against the mad hotties.)

Romeo And/Or Juliet also boasts more than 100 endings, which are accompanied by illustrations from top talents like Pendleton Ward, Evan “Doc” Shaner, Becky Cloonan and Kate Beaton. You want to know more, right? Unleash your inquiries in the comments below! Don’t @ me.

Update: The Q&A is over. Huge thanks to Ryan for agreeing and participating!