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Last December, Columbia released a collection of winter jackets based on the costumes in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. They were all only available in limited quantities, making them incredibly hard to find, but this year’s collection, based on the iconic outfits worn by Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back, might be harder to find than even a secret Rebel base.


Columbia’s Echo Base collection features two jackets and a parka inspired by the snowy weather gear worn in Empire, but each one looks like a near-perfect replica of the film’s actual costumes—just slightly streamlined so you can wear them to battle the cold without looking too Star Wars-obsessed. Each one also comes lined with Columbia’s Omni-Heat reflective fabric which means that should you find yourself lost in a frigid wasteland, you won’t need to slaughter a Tauntaun to stay warm—unless you just like the smell.

You’ll also find a handful of Star Wars Easter eggs hidden in each jacket, including the logo of the Rebel Alliance, and fun patches which include quotes from the film. At $400 each they’re not cheap, but you’re actually getting a solid winter coat for your money, in addition to a genuine collectible. These will be only be available in limited quantities when they go on sale in Columbia stores on December 8th at 12:01 in the morning.


And I’ll be right there refreshing.

Hey all, Germain here, hijacking Andrew’s post for a second. I’m doing so because I’m so fucking excited about these jackets, I just had to write about them too.


You see, I live in Los Angeles. It’s 71 degrees today in December. And I’m going to do whatever I can to get one of these jackets even though I’m never going to wear it. You see, I’m a little obsessed.


Yes, I collect everything relating to Han Solo in Hoth gear. Since that article posted, I’ve added to my collection. But the one thing I’ve never been able to find, or afford, is a high-end reproduction of the coat. And yes, it’s $400. I write about movies for a living so $400 isn’t like, a purchase I make without thinking twice. But trust me, it’s not everyday that a company like Columbia makes officially-licensed jackets for The Empire Strikes Back. The Hoth jackets. Inspired by the original props that are currently in the Lucasfilm archives. And they’re only making 1,980 of each one. Limited edition, people!

And there’s more. Though we don’t know the price, there is also an even more limited brown version of the Hoth coat, signed by Harrison Ford, with all proceeds going to Conservation International, a global organization dedicated to protecting nature.


Okay, now that I’ve got that off my chest, you can find out more info at the link below.



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