The pulp era's "Science Detective" is about to make a big-screen comeback, courtesy of the man behind Lethal Weapon and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang; Writer/Director Shane Black will be bringing Doc Savage to the world of movies.

Black's involvement with the Savage movie was first discovered last October, when he admitted to Ain't It Cool News that he was working on the screenplay, but the news that he would also direct the movie broke yesterday. The movie will be co-produced by Neil Moritz, who's also behind the Green Hornet movie, and released by the Hornet studio, Columbia. Columbia co-president Matt Tolmach seems excited about the possibilities, calling the character "an icon, a character with limitless possibilities." If nothing else, he's definitely a character with many careers: He's simultaneously an explorer, scientist, researcher, inventor, doctor and crime-fighter. Not bad for a man who seems unable to button up his shirt.


Doc Savage seems to be undergoing a quiet revival in general, currently; in addition to this movie, the character has recently reappeared at DC Comics, who'll be launching a new monthly Doc Savage comic written by novelist Paul Malmont in April.

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