Isaac Asimov's classic trilogy Foundation is headed to the big screen... courtesy of the man behind Independence Day, Godzilla and 2012. Is this cause for celebration or mourning? I'm not quite sure yet.

An auction on Thursday evening ended with Columbia Studios owning the rights to Asimov's Foundation trilogy (Foundation, Foundation And Empire and Second Foundation), with the intention of the books being adapted into a movie franchise to be produced and directed by Roland Emmerich.


While I've enjoyed certain movies from Mr. Emmerich in the past (especially Godzilla, which I had the benefit of seeing in Germany, dubbed and without any idea what anyone was actually saying, thereby increasing my enjoyment considerably), I remain unconvinced that he's necessarily the man to bring Asimov's epic series to the masses... Or, at least, to do so without dumbing it down considerably and increasing the number of scenes requiring large explosions and/or people screaming. Here's hoping that I'm happily surprised.

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