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We recently discovered that coffee may be linked to lower breast cancer rates. Now it looks like guys have something to celebrate too — new research has linked coffee do a dropped risk of prostate cancer. Once again the complicated mixture of ingredients has shown to be beneficial, and this time even decaf drinkers get it.


The study was performed by the Harvard School of Public Health, whose researchers followed almost 50,000 men over more than 20 years, and studied the link between self-reported lifestyle habits and diseases. What they found is that, after adjusting for other bad habits that heavy java drinkers tend to have (smoking, low levels of exercise), they were at a lower risk for prostate cancer than the controls, especially for lethal, aggressive versions of the cancer.


Those who downed six or more cups of coffee a day had a 20% lower risk of developing any sort of prostate cancer, and a 60% lower risk of lethal prostate cancer. Even those who were more moderate, drinking one to three cups per day, were 30% less likely to have lethal prostate cancer — and the benefits were the same, regardless if the coffee was decaffeinated or not.

The researchers admit that this needs to be compared to other population groups, and that they don't know the method of action, but it's one more vice that's going to make us live longer.

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