Coed Demonstrates Failed Molecular Dance Craze, Circa 1964

Just in time to ride the last wave of novelty dances that began in the early 1960s with the Twist, a George State College chemistry professor came up with the Molecule-a-Go-Go. Alas, even the comely coed he picked to demonstrate its moves (and they said girls didn't like chemistry!) couldn't fail to disguise the fact that when it came to the dance floor, pretending to be a water molecule looked about as fun or sexy as a taking a pop quiz. Clip from Ron Mann's fabulous 1992 documentary, Twist.


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Why is everything so fucking stupid in retrospect?

And I realize that while I say that, right now in the clubs, the irony of the past is vomiting forth in an insane frenzy of Red Bull and hipster dance parties.

Please won't someone make the bad man stop?