Coco's Final Trailer Focuses on Love, Family, and Why You Should Never Say No to Tamales

Still: Disney via YouTube
Still: Disney via YouTube

Disney’s latest Pixar film, Coco, may feature gorgeous visuals and shambling skeletons, but as shown in the final trailer for the upcoming film, the heart of Coco is family. And grandma’s tamales.

In the latest trailer, we see Miguel and his family preparing for Dia de los Muertos, a tradition that Miguel doesn’t seem to actually believe in. Of course, that soon changes after Miguel is transported to the Land of the Dead and comes across his family in the afterlife—including his great-great-grandfather, who supports Miguel’s dreams of becoming a musician (which look to be fulfilled at a bone-filled stadium concert).

In the end, Miguel realizes that he doesn’t have to be like the rest of his family to love them and truly connect with them... so long as he doesn’t reject his abuelita’s tamales, no matter how many she piles on his plate. That’s a major no-no. You can watch the final trailer below. Coco comes out November 22.


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Why You Should Never Say No to Tamales

Because tamales are the food of the gods and anyone who doesn’t like them is a bad person.