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Cockneys vs. Zombies trailer is surprisingly hilarious!

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Check out the shocking first trailer for Cockneys vs. Zombies, starring Brick Top from Snatch.. Here we thought we were dealing with another silly mockbuster — but we were so wrong! Filled with excellent actors like Alan Ford, Rasmus Hardiker, Harry Treadaway, and Michelle Ryan, Cockneys vs. Zombies looks pretty slick, and the old man in the walker made us laugh out loud. Good to see zombies can still be silly, even after Walking Dead beat all the fun out of them with Merle's severed hand. Warning this is a red band trailer, and they mean it!


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Meh. I'm not feeling it yet... but it might be because I'm still Zombied out. I still haven't watched more than 3 episodes of Walking Dead. I've just had enough of Zombies even in comedy.