Clues To Lost Season Five: Who's Back, Who's Dead And What Does It Mean?

Although season five of Lost is still a little over four months away, the online speculation and clue-wrangling has already started. The latest piece of evidence: an interview with Francoise Chau, who plays the notorious one armed man, Dr. Candle. We decided to round up all the theories and leaked messages over the last few weeks, and combine them to try and make sense of the show's penultimate season. Spoilers ahead. First and Foremost, What's The Status Of All The Characters: On The Disappeared Island: Juliet, Charlotte, Locke, Miles and Sawyer Off The Island: Walt, Ben, Jack, Kate, Sayid, Desmond, Hurley and Sun Don't Know If They Are Alive Or Dead: Locke (as well, because he's dead in the future), Claire, Michael, Daniel and Jin


There Will Be No More Flash Forwards and Flash Backs At Comic Con and in many other interviews both Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have stated that there won't be any flash forwards or flashbacks. Instead, there'll be an unspecified new format, reminiscent of the episode "Ji Yeon." This season will tie all the strings together. Updated: Sorry the Charlie info was a bad tip on my part, I got that mis-information in a jumbled rumor. The correct spoiler rumor is from Dark UFO (many apologies in the world of spoilers some times rumors run wild). This is still unverified rumor but it was Daniel Dae Kim spotted on the island of Hawaii NOT Charlie. Jin May Be Back: As opposed to the false tip I followed it looks like Jin has been allegedly spotted on the island of Hawaii NOT Charlie. Daniel Dae Kim was spied by Dark UFO spies and they believe that he's filming and will be in many important moments in the future season. Sorry about the confusion. Which Carlton Cuse Confirms to IF Magazine:

"The people that are off the island, the island seems to be drawing them back and Ben [Michael Emerson] makes it clear they need to go back to the island," says Cuse. "So hopefully that's a lot of what you'll see of in Season 5 - the journey of how those six return to the island."

Dr. Candle, Tells Us Nothing But Gives Us Hope For Some Answers: In an interview with, Francois Chau, the famous Dr. Candle from all of the Dharma how-to videos, explains that he knows a bunch, but isn't saying anything. He knows who the crying baby is in the video shown at Comic-Con, for instance. But he does give us hope of further time travel and island moving explanations. Chau explains that we've only seen little bits of the many Orchid videos he filmed, and we should be learning a lot more. Also some of the orientation flicks will have other Losties cameoing. (I assume old Dharma friends.) Welcome Newbies: More bad characters mean more meddling and evil-doing. Huzzah! We are desperate for a new batch of baddies. Truth be told, I growing tired of the slow-burn of storylines about Jack's dad. I welcome Ilanna and Caesar. They both sound dangerous and well equipped at killing characters off. But my guess is, they'll probably turn out to be good guys, since this information was leaked so early. Also these two new characters (as well as the free-for-all final episode) seems to throw off the theory that there needs to be a certain number of people on the island, or bad things happen. Or maybe that's why Locke ends up dead: because the Oceanic Six left. Will This Be The Year Jack Grows A Pair?: The name of the first episode of season five has been revealed as "Because You Left." Which makes me crazy happy, because maybe for the first time Jack will sack up and get some self awareness and cojones. Sure, can be the take-charge leader guy, but usually his decisions are clouded with insecurity and arrogance. He's got to learn to sit and think, and then take the big step. I hope that calling out Jack hard core, and blaming him for everything that went wrong, will knock some sense into him. That doesn't mean I think the various messes are all his fault, but I don't mind him getting blamed for it all. It may just shake him the right way.


What's With All The Bad Apples On That Boat?: The one thing I'm most excited about are both producers promised that they would be further explaining the role of everyone on the freighter. I'm dying to know more about Miles and the crazy Hawaiian shirt pilot." Please give me more ghost hunters and lost parents of angry red-heads. But if they kill off Daniel, I'll quit you, Lost.

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