Paramount has finally allowed Hasbro to release images of the Cloverfield toy, probably thinking that they've milked almost every possible box office dollar out of the thing. But based on the new pics, it's hard to imagine anybody shelling out a hundred bucks for this thing. When you stumble of the the theater after having your eardrums rattled and eyes blasted by shakycam monsterdom, it's easy to imagine wanting your own mini-monster. But the thing looks about as scary as a daddy longlegs that you'd find in the shower. Check out the images after the break. (The image to the left is from SOTA's Lovecraft-inspired Ultra Cthulhu.)


Did he go albino somewhere along the way, or the did movie just feature his botoxed and tanned Hollywood cousin? Somehow, rendered in plastic, the thing just doesn't terrify like it did in the film. Maybe if it had a little Hud action figure (complete with camera) that it could terrorize, that might amp up the believability. But after seeing these images, we're going to hit the reset button. Maybe next time, Cloverfield... although we still want the Statue of Liberty head accessory. [Thanks David!]

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