Cloverfield Can Go On Forever, Say Crazed Marketers

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Now that the movie is out, Cloverfield fans are already starting to talk about what's next. Hell, even we've gone there. Chris Thilik over at the Movie Marketing Madness blog is more fired up with the possibilities than anyone.


Think about it - they could keep the Cloverfield story going, with new reports of the monster's path, new tie-ins to Slusho and things like investigations into Tagurato, reports from the area formerly known as Central Park and so much more, all at a fraction of the cost of a former sequel and all in much more engaging fashion than a sequel could.


Thilik continues to plan ahead on behalf of Abrams:

We're not just talking about a marketing campaign here. We're talking about something akin to what Joss Whedon is doing with Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. With the TV show long gone he's extending the story through comics, something that does not require the participation of the cast, something that allows for infinite story direction and which - more importantly - serves the fan base exactly what they want.

At this point in the Cloverfield universe there's nothing, really, that can be done with the characters we followed in the movie. But since they were incidental anyway - we just happened to be seeing their story because they had a video camera that survived - it's no problem to introduce more angles to the story. Abrams and his team can do almost anything.

Maybe a sequel could answer some of the questions fans have about the movie, of course.

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I think its interesting that people talk about how "incidental" the characters were in this movie. What kept you interested wasn't that it was "found footage" it was that you bothered to care for and empathize with the characters. But why bother with character when you can have clever marketing, monsters, and further de-mystify a mythology. Its why AVP was so good.