Cloverfield 2 May Have Some Familiar Faces

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Cloverfield's monster rampage may have ended with apocalyptic levels of destruction... but that doesn't mean all of the movie's characters actually died. In fact, a source tells io9 that some members of the Cloverfield cast have been asked if they'd like to reprise their roles in the sequel, alongside another batch of good-looking no-names. As you can guess, there are possible spoilers below.


Sources say some Cloverfield stars including Jessica Lucas (Lily Ford) and Mike Vogel (Jason Hawkins) have been approached. Talks started early in 2008 (at the height of Cloverfield fever.) True to the "just a taste" nature of Abrams' work, none of the original characters' fates were sealed on camera. The movie even hinted at their survival with a barely audible whisper to the audience after the credits rolled. So a number of the actors have their fingers crossed that they made it out of the monster madness unscathed, our source revealed.

But there is no guarantee the new movie has to pick up immediately after the first one left off. Unfortunately when Cloverfield 2 will get its wings, is anyones guess. Just recently director Matt Reeves told MTV that he was putting it on the back burner for his new pet project The Invisible Woman. Only time and randomly placed Easter Eggs in the Cloverfield DVD will reveal more. Please bring back Hud and his one-liners!


@Furiursa: True dat.

I really dug Cloverfield. It was a first-person perspective monster movie... Great!

I for one, would love to see this treatment done to Godzilla by Toho. I love the man in suit movies, but they always seemed so safe. No main characters ever died; they always get away from monster really safely. If they did Godzilla movie like Cloverfield it would hella awesome...

I did not find the 'shaky-cam' an issue, personally.