Cloudy With A Chance of Falafel?

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Cloudy With Meatballs, which dominated the box office this weekend, has one major element missing in Israel: the meatballs. It's been renamed Geshem shel Falafel (Rain of Falafel). [What War Zone]


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Film distributors in Israel are known for renaming films with titles they believe will draw more people into cinemas, sometimes renaming them to sound like earlier films from the same genre (After American Pie came out, almost every teen comedy was renamed to "American Something or Other"). Then there are the names that are so bizarre / embarrassing that one popular Israeli movie website distributed printed request slips so people wouldn't have to vocalize the name "Miss Congeniality" was translated into when they were at the box office (It was a dumb pun that had the word "sex" in it).

I don't know why they translated it this way. Perhaps they thought kids don't like meatballs so much and the poster does look like it's falafel.