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We admit it. More than anything else — like being enjoyable in and of itself — the Clone Wars movie made us want to see the Clone Wars TV show, which premieres this Friday. Call it a longing for weekly bursts of the Force, the feeling that the movie's plot would fit more comfortably into a half-hour episode. or just a desire to get smaller doses of Ahsoka Tano in one sitting, there was something that made us think that the series would be much more enjoyable than the movie — and according to Variety's early review of the first episodes, we were entirely right.The industry tradepaper says that the series is "vastly superior to the advance theatrical movie," thanks to the episodes being "so jam-packed with action [that] the clunky dialogue flies by less obtrusively, and the irritating characters have less time to annoy." But it's not just that we have less of the bad stuff to look forward to, according to Brian Lowry:

Visually, the series tackles that challenge with gusto — taking full advantage of impressively rich animation to mount big, splendidly realized battle sequences. [...The Clone Warriors themselves] engage in oddly existential thoughts — fretting about being second-class citizens and pointing out how expendable they are. In both of these installments, Jedi provide the soldiers with pep talks about the value of life, which is a little ironic considering the fate that awaits the Jedi order in "Revenge of the Sith."


The show isn't perfect, however — complaints about Ahsoka and unfunny comic relief still appear — but the idea of a weekly dose of visually-impressive action for kids that also involves existential moral questions from cloned soldiers warms our hearts more than a little bit. Here's hoping the show lives up to this promise. [Variety]


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