Surprising absolutely no-one, Cartoon Network announced yesterday that they've picked up Star Wars: The Clone Wars for a second season starting this fall, following the show's successful first outing on Friday nights.

Clone Wars, has - despite varying quality of the episodes themselves - been a massive ratings success for the network, continually winning the 6-11 male demographic and offering the best series premiere in the channel's history; its success has already won the show a re-run on sister channel TNT starting this month, so this news of a second season was more than a little expected. Stuart Snyder, COO of Cartoon Network parent Turner Animation, underlined the reasoning:

'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' is like nothing else on television and has delivered for us on all levels. It has helped us launch a great new night of action-adventure on Fridays.


Hey, if more Clone Wars means more Brave and the Bold, I'm happy.

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