Is it over? Is the D-Squad arc finally over? Clone Wars' ill-fated team of astromechs (plus WAC and Gascon) had one last hurdle to jump before handing over that encryption chip, and this time there's more than their lives (or Gascon's sanity) at stake. That means it's up to R2-D2 to make sure the Republic doesn't suffer a crushing blow and that (almost) everyone gets out alive. Spoilers ahead.

When last we left D-Squad, they had just left Abafar (thank god) and were headed for a Jedi cruiser. Gascon figures it's smooth hyperspacing from here on out, but it quickly becomes clear that the ships "Republic" crew consists entirely of holograms. It isn't until the ship has jumped to hyperspace that the team discovers the real crew: Separatist Droids. The astromechs hightail it to safety, carrying Gascon and WAC with them.


Meanwhile, a team of comic relief Droids is doing a pretty good job killing themselves off as they attempt to load a package that makes them far too top-heavy. That makes them perfect prey for D-Squad. The astromechs neutralize the remaining Droids and then use their bodies to trick the other comic relief Droids into going away. Once they have a moment to collect, they discover a strange bit of non-Republic tech on the ship. Artoo whistles and beeps. "A bomb?" WAC cries in horror. Nervously, Artoo elaborates. "What do you mean the whole ship is a bomb?" Gascon asks, incredulous. He runs to a window overlooking the cargo bay. The entire ship is loaded with rhydonium, the explosive substance mined on Abafar. Gascon is more shocked than he probably should be. After all, this is precisely what Mr. Borkus warned them about last episode.

The D-Squad Droids worry that the cruiser will blow up in Republic space, possible costing the Republic thousands of lives, but Gascon wants to stick to the mission: get the encryption key back to headquarters. He orders D-Squad to evacuate the ship, although they'll have to wait until the cruiser is out of hyperspace. WAC figures by then, it will probably be too late.

Fortunately, Artoo discovers that the team is being followed by a rabbit-eared Droid named BNI-393 or "Bunny." It turns out that when the Separatists took the ship, they failed to eliminate a number of Republic Droids. Bunny had hoped that D-Squad would abandon ship upon learning about the explosives and take the Republic Droids with them. However, Bunny was able to steal the coordinates of the Separatist target, which Gascon is horrified to discover is the space station where the Republic Strategy Conference is being held. (After all, he was supposed to present a report there before being assigned this wacky mission.) The Jedi Council will be in attendance, as will many of the Republic's military officers. Since transmissions from the ship are being blocked, D-Squad have to keep the ship from reaching the station themselves.

As they resolve to thwart the Separatist plot, they spot a Separatist spy Droid. Artoo chases it through the corridors into a weapons bay, where the are set upon by a swarm of creepy, spidery Droids. Thinking quickly, Artoo lights a fiery circle around themselves, but the spider Droids just keep coming. Suddenly, BZ perks up and announces that he's going to open the airlock. Before anyone can stop him, he heads for the door and opens it. The Republic Droids magnetize their feet, except BZ, who gets sukced out the airlock with the spider Droids. Once the airlock door is shut again, D-Squad takes a moment to memorialize BZ. "I can't believe I'm saying this," Gascon tells them, "but we make a great team."


Gascon forms a plan: the injured Droids head for the shuttle while Gascon and C4 distract the battle Droids, allowing Artoo (of course) to reprogram the detonator to go off early.

The cruiser drops out of hyperspace when the station is in view. Then we cut to the station, where—hey, Anakin and Obi-Wan! You're still on this show! Anakin is naturally grumbling about the boring strategy conference and Obi-Wan is gently scolding Anakin about his attitude. Oh, you two. Ever the old married couple. Anakin, for his part, notices the cruiser out the window is coming in a bit too fast.


Gascon enacts his plan, but he and C4 spot Artoo facing off against the ship's Tactical Droid. He rushes to the shuttle to tell the Droids that Artoo has been delayed, and that they can't launch the shuttle without him. But WAC doesn't get the message in time, and launches the shuttle. That mistake ends up saving all their lives, however, as Artoo manages to set off the detonator shortly after they depart—and just as Anakin and company realize a bomb is headed their way.

As soon as Gascon informs Anakin that Artoo sacrificed himself to blow up the cruiser, Anakin naturally orders out a salvage team and Artoo is miraculously restored. (Sadly, poor lost-in-hyperspace BZ doesn't warrant a similar resurrection. We honor him by embedding a video of his sacrifice above.) Gascon closes out the D-Squad adventure with a speech, telling Artoo that he's the bravest Droid Gascon ever met and that he would be proud to serve with any of the D-Squad members. "I am glad to hear you say that, Colonel," WAC tells him. "I hear that we have all been assigned to the same platoon! We will be seeing each other every day for the rest of the war!" The astromechs tweet and twitter with delight while Gascon responds with a laugh that sounds as though he's gone slightly mad. And, despite this rather enjoyable Artoo-centered episode, so might we if we have to revisit D-Squad.


Next time, Maul alligns with Death Watch to take down Obi-Wan Kenobi! Hooray!

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