Clone Wars Parties In Your House And Gets Your Kids Tattooed

Hey, what're you doing this Saturday? If the answer isn't "Hosting my very own Clone Wars House Party, in preparation for the October 3rd premiere of the television series on Cartoon Network," then I'm afraid that we can't be friends anymore. What's that, you say? You didn't know that people were hosting Clone Wars house parties? Well, apparently 2000 people across America are - and they're getting some random swag from Lucasfilm as thank yous for doing so.The parties - actually "at-home viewing parties" being organized by Cartoon Network with previews of the show's pilot episode - are just one of the crazy promotional schemes to promote the new show. Each of the 2000 parties will not only receive a preview DVD of the first two episodes, but also a party bag including the following goodies, according to geek industry website, ICv2:

a lightsaber, character masks, glow sticks, tattoos, stickers, posters, and balloons for each guest.


Because, of course, it's not a real party without balloons for each guest. Also promoting the new series is something called Star Wars: The Clone Wars Intergalactic Tour, which is crossing the country as we speak, bringing George Lucas' dream to eight different malls:

The tour, managed by event company iris Entertainment, offers a variety of entertainment stations at each stop, including a Lightsaber Skill Test, a preview of the Clone Wars intereactive game, taking pictures with the characters, previewing the new series in a special viewing area, and temporary tattoos.

Again with the temporary tattoos! Is there some hidden body art agenda underway here, perhaps? It all started with Darth Maul's face and then moved on from there... Flickr image by Clone Wars Promos Gearing Up [ICv2]

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