Clone Wars' Baby Jedi Scampers Like A Cartoon Animal

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Click to viewI kind of love this hand-drawn concept art of new Jedi apprentice Ahsoka Tano, from Star Wars: Clone Wars. It makes her look more like an old school cartoon character, and apparently her visual influences include Hiyao Miyazaki and the Zatoichi blind samurai films. If the animated Ahsoka keeps even some of this liveliness, I'll be excited. Click through for a gallery of newly released Clone Wars stills, including spaceships orbiting Coruscant, and Dooku using his Force Lightning.


The concept art includes a handwritten note:

Ahsoka moves quickly, more like an animal. Reference the character "San" from Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke. Really fast to pose, with a quick strike on action. Ahsoka also can draw her lightsabre and fight "Zatoichi" style, with a reverse grip, as well as a more conventional one.

Here the newly released stills. Some of them we've seen before, but they're here in higher resolution. Others are just plain new.


Isn't Ahsoka the apprentice seen in the later episodes of the 2D Clone Wars animated series? If so, why do you guys keep calling her 'new'?