Clone Warriors Prove They Could Kick Sylar's Ass

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Everybody's throwing down on television this week. Take tonight: Chuck's sorta-girlfriend is sparring with Nicole Richie on Chuck, while Brian Austin Green gets hot and heavy with BSG's Kendra Shaw — in bed — on Terminator: SCC. And then Peter unleashes holy hell on Sylar's baby face. Later in the week, Star Wars' clones grow a pair and defend their home planet. Television: one long cage match, just the way we like it.Monday: That old stick figure, Nicole Richie, is gracing the set of everyones favorite Nerd Herder, Chuck. This week on "Chuck Versus The Cougars" Chuck meets "Sarah's" old buddies at her high school reunion. Chuck is on at 8 PM on NBC.

Time for all the Heroes characters to "choose a side," between Peter's mean mom or Peter's scruffy dad. Oh, and we'll get to spend plenty of quality time with a puppet-master baddie, who will force you to eat your pasta — carbs be damned. Heroes is on NBC at 9 PM.

Hot lady robo fighting action in this week's Sarah Connor Chronicles. Plus, main man Brian Austin Green gets himself a new lady friend, Battlestar Galactica's Stephanie Jacobsen. SCC is back and on Fox at 8 PM. SCC Promo:

Clip From SCC:

This week, inside Christian Slater's two people, one brain, double life series My Own Worst Enemy, Edward's gotta kidnap a German software engineer and Henry is all mopey because he now realizes that his life is a farce. The episode "Hummingbird" is on at 10 PM on on NBC. Go underground with the anime hotties of the future in Gurren Lagann. In this dystopian future, everyone has been forced to live beneath the Earth's surface and they journey to the surface to fight the big bad robots on the Sci Fi Channel at 11 and 11:30 PM. On Charlie Jade's "Ouroboros," Charlie and Blues have a reunion in Betaverse but as per usual 01Boxer ruins everything for our space investigator. Jade airs on the Sci Fi Channel at 3 AM. Movies: Embrace the Jedi mullet in Star Wars Ep. IV at 6 PM on Spike, and later enjoy superhero team fighting at its worst with The Fantastic Four on FX at 8 PM. Tuesday: New Fringe has a head-splodey lady that will no doubt prompt puzzled stares from Peter Bishop and some some-shoot-first-ask-questions-later interrogation from Olivia. This weeks episodes "The Cure" is on Fox at 9 PM. How To Explode A Head Fringe Style:

Fringe The Cure Trailer:

Movies: Learn how torture your best mate into sympathizing with your ideals in V For Vendetta, at 7 PM on FX. Celebrate the best of the slow marching zombies on Dawn of The Dead at 6:30 on the Sci Fi Channel. Wednesday: Mike Tracer gets smacked around by more hot girls in high level government positions on "Knight Of The Hunter" on NBC 8 PM. Promo With Kicky Foreign Lady On Knight Rider:

Movies: Enjoy the best fake commercials the scifi world has to offer in Children Of Men on HBO2 at 8 PM. Thursday: Furrow your brow with Rufus Sewell and ponder how a mere breakfast could paralyze an entire family on Eleventh Hour. The episode titled "Savant" is on at 10 PM on CBS

In this weeks Life On Mars, Sam tries to teach a bunch of New York 70s cops what a hate crime is, Harvey Keitel is still confused in the episode called "My Maharishi Is Bigger Than Your Maharishi." The American revamp of this British hit is on 10 PM on ABC.

Clark is all a twitter about Doomsday hanging around all the city's major crime scenes, but Doomy isn't taking Clark's suspicion lying down. Oooh, please get in a fight, especialy if it leads to Sam Witwer taking his shirt off. Smallville is on 8 PM on the CW. Clark and Davis Smack Talk:

Smallville Clips:

Friday: The Clone warriors are finally getting a voice of their own as they're forced to defend their cozy incubation station/home. Rex and Cody step up to inspire their Clone army in Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones on The Cartoon Network at 9 PM. Clone Wars Promo:

The Clones Fight To Defend Their Home Clip:

New Ben 10: Alien Force, at 9:30 PM on Cartoon Network. The Stargate Atlantis crew gets hauled into court for all of the crap they've pulled in this galaxy over the last 5 years. In "Inquisition" the whole crew has to testify for their crimes against the galaxy on the Sci Fi Channel on 9 PM. We interviewed Robert Picardo about this episode at Comic-Con, and he said he had to memorize pages of epic dialog for this one.

Get to know the big man behind the 100-year-old lady in Sanctuary's new episode, "Fata Morgana," on at 10 PM at the Sci Fi Channel.

Movies: Learn how to blow up a restaurant with a stick of gum, "just don't chew it," in Mission Impossible at 12:30 AM on TNT. Saturday: This week the Primeval team sets a trap for the saboteur inside their own group on BBC America at 9 PM. Movies: Tune in for the second best Ghostbuster movie ever made. Ghostbusters II is on at 8:00 PM on Bravo. Sunday: If you thought the blood had hit the fan on last weeks True Blood, just wait to see what Jason resorts to, to get his V-Juice fix. Plus the Viking vamp is back and he's keen on using Sookie's "talents." This weeks True Blood is at 9 PM on HBO.

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