Clive Barker's Nightbreed Is Getting Turned Into A TV Series

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Remember Nightbreed,the totally insane Clive Barker monster movie centered around a pack of wonderfully gruesome monsters living under a cemetery? Oh, and the bad guy was played by David Cronenberg! Well, Barker and friends want to turn Nightbreed the movie into a TV series. Excellent.

Barker has been talking about the return of Nightbreed for a couple years now, but it sounds like the team behind this reboot has made some progress. In an interview with Empire Magazine, show producer Michael Plumides revealed that he's already penned 4 episodes (with the blessing and supervision of Barker).

We've been actively developing the Nightbreed TV series at Morgan Creek with Clive Barker for two years. We hope the newly restored Director's Cut will help us illustrate how wildly popular the series could be to potential buyers. I recently penned four episodes including the pilot, with material all approved by Clive and Mark Miller at Seraphim Films. We have also been developing new Nightbreed creature concepts and I've been collaborating with Tate Steinsiek (SyFy's Face Off) for some months now, to create all-new designs for old characters and a few new ones, as well. We think the fans will be very pleased – by staying true to the source material but also modernizing the concepts, we hope Nightbreed will appeal to this millennium's viewer.


The ambitious series doesn't have a home yet, but we'd love to see Nightbreed come back. Plumides and Barker both seem to think that Nightbreed was ahead of its time, and if you look at the late-night lineup of genre dramas, we could easily see a monster series fitting in nicely between the vampire and zombie shows. We only hope that the makeup is just as insane and elaborate as it was in the original film.

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Pie 'oh' Pah

Plus the Director's Cut of the movie was just finally announced for an October 28th release.