Illustration for article titled Clive Barkers Latest Trailer Uses Your Skin As Twitter For Dead People

The trailer for the Book Of Blood shows you what happens when you become the information superhighway for the dead. True to Barker form, it looks like a nice bloody mess.


Based on the short stories "On Jerusalem Street" and "The Book of Blood," the movie is about a fake psychic who's hired to check out a haunted house. Soon his phony visions become real when he realizes the house is an intersection for paranormal traffic. The ghosts then use his body to carve their messages to the living world.

The film will be released on DVD on September 29th (according to Bloody Disgusting) , and hopefully will bring us more Barker, and light a fire under the rumored The Thief Of Always feature.


If you came back from the dead and could carve one message into someone's hide, what would it be?

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